Printers are thought by many to not be nearly as important as they used to be. With everyone having easy access to a screen, why should we still care about printers? But printers are still vital to many businesses around the world and the power of printed paper isn’t something to be underestimated. Printed paper encourages longer attention spans in readers and gives them a stronger working memory as compared to reading from a screen. 29 lab studies found that readers will learn more when reading from paper than from screens. Over half of businesses say they can’t complete their daily operations without a printer. Businesses such as law, auto, healthcare, and finance all especially rely on printers, with these companies printing upwards of hundreds of pages per day. Printers are also still very important to small businesses; 8 in 10 small businesses around the world require printers for their day to day tasks. 

But when these printers that are so vital to these businesses break, many are left scrambling to get back on track. 53% of people use printers that break once a month or more and when they do break, it can set businesses back heavily. Nearly 70% of small business owners also find it difficult to source reliable office supplies – including printers. This means that replacements are often very slow, forcing them to buy printers that can’t keep up with their needs. Hastily purchasing a consumer grade printer in response to a printer breaking can be an expensive waste of time. These types of printers aren’t designed for the volumes businesses need and quickly become overworked. Printer ink, at over $12,000 a gallon, is extremely expensive and buying it for a printer that will fail within a few days can be extraordinarily costly. 

Having the right printer can prevent issues and streamline your business. Learn how to pick the best small business printer below: