Five Reasons You Should Totally Go For a Cute Bob Cut

Five Reasons You Should Totally Go For a Cute Bob Cut

by Jenny Harrison

Five Reasons You Should Totally Go For a Cute Bob Cut

A bob cut is a short haircut for women in which hair is cut straight around till jaw. It revolutionized the beauty standards in the 1960s during which women in power were identified with this haircut. They made a major comeback in the 2000s. Good for us, there’s variety for us to choose from – A-line Bob with longer front, Inverted Bob with shorter front, Chin-length bob and the infamous long bob, commonly referred to as a Lob which is shoulder length and is usually, layered.

The Bob cut comeback was a significant one with every other person going for it. From the Kardashians to Emily Clarke, everyone’s been gaga-ing over this new trend and are totally killing it. If you have second thoughts about being in the bob-cut group, here are five reasons which will make you do it, for real this time!


1. It’s Liberating

It is imperative you change your style to spice things up! Cutting your hair short, that too in a bob will give you a fresh new look or even a start in my opinion. Often, any major traumatic event in a woman’s life makes her either color her hair or just cut it off. This is because of the adrenaline cutting your hair comes with, the power you feel with every inch that falls to the floor.

Long hair, back in the day, was considered an asset for a woman which is one reason, maybe, why you’re hesitant to hit the hair stylist. I say, cut it! It will give you a power over the societal standards and also your body. Trust me when I say, it grows back! Also, bob cut is one versatile cut; it looks good on literally everyone. It compliments every face type, if you don’t believe me, try it!


2. Low Maintenance

Short hair comes with multiple advantages. The first being, they’re insanely low maintenance. All the directions behind shampoos and conditioners mentioning words like “dime-sized” amount of product required will now make total sense. You will actually need a small amount to survive. Furthermore, it takes a quarter of the time it took to take a shower with your long tresses.

With that, getting a cut means bidding farewell to your longtime buddies, split ends. Going short means you’re getting rid of the excess weight off your shoulders. You’re letting go of the split ends and entering the world of healthy hair which are easier to maintain and interestingly, fun to sway. Surprisingly, short hair doesn’t get as dry and greasy in a short time as long hair can.
So, if you follow my advice, you will be saving up from buying additional conditioner and even that dry shampoo you couldn’t live without.


3. Versatility

Styling will have nothing on you at all. You will save you SO much time, it’s unreal. Each one of us can use that extra 20 minutes of sleep before work! You will wake up with a rock and roll hairstyle. And lucky for you, the messier the bob, the sexier it looks.

As I mentioned before, a bob is versatile as hell. It can be worn up in a cute man bun or just let down straight, curly or even your own natural texture. It also looks great with cute little dresses with a revealing neckline, since short hair doesn’t come in the way of a beautiful collarbone that deserves to be seen. With that, you can even hit Pinterest for some cutesy hairstyles to try.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the role of accessories on short hair. You can totally use that scarf you’ve worn too much as a headband and boom! You have a look. With that, there are thousands of tutorials on YouTube waiting to be watched. The tutorials are much shorter and easier to follow.

Fun Fact: short haired ponytails are the bounciest!


4. Way Cooler In Summers

With long hair, the struggle during summers is real. It blocks air from getting to your neck which results in sweat which no one enjoys. Also, who can ever forget the neck sweat on a summer morning? Instagram lies when it shows cute girls in cute dresses with their long hair down under a scorching sun. I have a solution for you to get rid of the sweat! Cut your hair.
A bob will keep your neck out on the show, causing less sweat and you can totally enjoy that breeze. Moreover, summer means beach and beach means short shorts, vibrant bikinis and cute dresses. With your new haircut, you will be able to rock any of that.
A half bun with shorts, wavy bob with a bikini and a headband is all you need this summer. Short hair will make not just make you look but also feel sexier than you ever did with longer hair.


5. It is the rage!

Whoever you look at has a bob to rock. That’s because it’s the rage! It’s hip and chic as hell. Girls like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are rocking it which means it is ‘in’ in the world of fashion as well. This means, getting a bob will mean you’re trending and part of the bob cut cult, which mind you, will be led by Anna Wintour.

With being trendy, you can also help others by cutting your hair. Going for a bob means you’re cutting off a reasonable length of hair which gives you an opportunity to make someone’s day by donating all the hair you get cut. This will not just bring a smile to someone’s face but will also help you sleep a little better at night.

It is understandable if you’re a little hesitant to let go of your long hair just yet, but remember, the exhilaration that it comes with will overweigh the anxiety you must be experiencing as of now. Also, don’t keep yourself from change, which mind you is extremely important, mainly because you’re not sure how you’ll look. It’s hair, it grows back! And who knows, you might end up loving your new bob cut and never look back. I would suggest you talk to your stylist who can help you choose as to which type of bob you should go for given your face shape. If not, here are the celebrities you can take inspiration from: Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr, Nina Dobrev, the Kardashians and the Queen RiRi back to her umbrella days.

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