Are you feeling distracted? Studies have shown that the human mind wanders for 47% of the day. Many Americans are constantly fighting to remain focused, and there are several reasons why. Nowadays, we are fighting against more digital distractions than ever. We receive up to 80 phone notifications per day, experts day, with each interruption diverting our attention more. In fact, 98% of the workforce is interrupted 3-4 times per day.

This lack of focus is costing us more than we realize. Digital distractions interfere with our circadian rhythms, impair focus, reduce executive functioning, lower attention spans, and cause brain fog.  It is for these reasons that many Americans have turned to energy drinks and caffeine to remain focused. However, although many regular users will claim benefits of caffeine consumption, 4 in 10 have actually experienced adverse effects.

Relying on caffeine for focus is not sustainable, and may even be linked to long term health concerns. Many believe that this chemical can improve focus, when in reality, it only provides short term energy. It has the power to negatively alter sleep schedules, build a tolerance, and even decrease productivity. This is why many experts and scientists are pushing for more natural solutions for improving focus. Biohacking is one method and is a DIY approach that involves behavior and habit changes. Nootropics are also an increasingly popular natural substance that works with the brain to improve cognition. 

The world is suffering from an epidemic: a lack of focus. Science is fighting to solve this societal plague, suggesting healthy ways to take care of one’s body. The bottom line remains that brain health is an important part of personal well-being that experts today are pushing for. To take care of your brain is an investment in a promising future in all aspects of one’s life.