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hot flashes remedy

Looking for a natural hot flashes remedy? Look no further…

Women around the age of 51 years normally get menopause, but the symptoms of hot flashes can even start in women in their early 30’s when hot flashes cause is some trauma which brought about conditions which resulted in estrogen levels dropping significantly. Get the full scope on the first signs of menopause.

Symptoms of hot flashes in women may include uncomfortable sensations like heart palpitations, feelings of faintness, weakness or dizziness and pressure in the head. While there are many prescription hot flashes medication, many women prefer hot flashes remedies which are not considered drugs.

Some of the hot flashes natural remedies that seem to work quite effectively include: 

Deep breathing

Must be the most interesting and possibly also the most unlikely hot flashes remedy I personally have heard of. Let’s face it, most probably also the most natural treatment for hot flashes in women, as breathing is a natural part of life.

In new research at Indiana University, doctors are recruiting around 200 women for the biggest trial yet of slow deep breathing. It follows a number of small studies which have shown that it can be highly effective. Results from a study at Wayne State University in America, show that paced respiration – slow, deep, abdominal breathing – reduced hot flush frequency by around 50 per cent. Other exercises could work too. A study by the American College of Sports Medicine showed that strength training helped to reduce hot flushes by up to 50 per cent.

DIY breathing exercise for hot flushes*

Deep breathing, or relaxation breathing or paced respiration, involve breathing in deeply and exhaling at an even pace. Do this for several minutes while in a comfortable position.

You should slowly breathe in through your nose. With a hand on your stomach right below your ribs, you should first feel your stomach push your hand out, and then your chest should fill. Slowly exhale through your mouth, first letting your lungs empty and then feeling your stomach sink back. You can do this almost anywhere and several times during the day, whenever you feel stressed. You can also try this if you feel a hot flush beginning or if you need to relax before falling asleep

*Source: US Government’s National Institute of Aging”

Hot flashes remedy using herbal products:

Flaxseed Oil

Whole flaxseed not only contains phytoestrogens, it also contains alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) which is an omega-3 fatty acid. Since phytoestrogens act as estrogen in the body, it is clear why flaxseed may bring about hot flashes relief.

hot flashes remedy
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Black Cohosh

If you’re looking for a natural treatment for hot flashes and night sweats, the following extraction should put your mind at ease that black cohosh as a hot flashes cure may exactly be what you are looking for:

In a clinical study of 120 women with the menopausal symptoms, black cohosh was more effective in relieving hot flashes and night sweats than the antidepressant fluxetine (Prozac).

black cohosh for night sweats

Given the results of most clinical studies, many experts conclude that black cohosh may be a safe and effective alternative for women who cannot or will not take hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) for menopause. A 2010 review by researchers found that black cohosh provided a 26% reduction in hot flashes and night sweats (also known as vasomotor symptoms).


Black cohosh also prevents excessive sweating. Sleeping in cotton nightwear should also alleviate the problem somewhat.


Chickweed Tincture

Taking 25 to 40 drops of this herb once or twice daily may proof to be another hot flashes natural treatment which can help with the severity of hot flashes, as well as the frequency at which they occur.

chickweed tincture
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Evening Primrose Oil

Primrose oil is a tonic which improves reproductive health in women. Its ability to regulate the production of estrogen, its high count of gamma linolenic acid and production of prostaglandin at higher levels makes it a great hot flashes natural treatment option which keeps the skin cool and also aids sleeping.

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Red Clover

The phytoestrogens in this plant is produced when the isoflavones in the plant are changed to phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are claimed to help reduce the severity and occurrence of hot flashes.

red clover for hot flashes
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While there are sources that claim it helps, there really are no scientific studies to support any claims that red clover can indeed be considered a hot flashes natural remedy that works.



When drinking a few cups of organic sage tea daily, chances are you will notice some welcome relief in hot flash symptoms. Sage is also effective in aiding digestion, headaches and infant diarrhea.

sage for hot flashes
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You may choose to prepare an infusion of 15 grams of both dried sage and dried mugwort. Add this dry mixture to 500ml boiled water and drink 3 times a day. Another natural remedy that can bring relief from  hot flashes.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a source of bioflavanoids which helps to reduce the severity of hot flashes. With a view to get relieve from hot flashes, you can eat food and vegetables rich in Vitamin C.



Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a source of antioxidants, and one of the proven hot flashes cures claimed by many to bring relief from the symptoms of hot flashes.

A Mayo Clinic report however says, “Studies using vitamin E in doses up to 400 international units a day have found little benefit in relieving hot flashes. Vitamin E is no longer recommended for treating hot flashes.”

Vitamin E

There are however sources which claim that taking 400 IUs of vitamin E in combination with 1200 mg of Citrus Bioflavonoid in the morning and at night can be a powerful hot flashes help.



Sarsaparilla, an excellent tonic, is not only the flavoring that gives natural root beer its distinctive taste; it also contains antioxidants, anti-viral properties and phytochemicals which are natural precursors to estrogen and testosterone. Sarsaparilla is available in extract, root and root powder forms.

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Licorice Root

The major active component in licorice root is glycyrrhizin; its regulatory function controls estrogen metabolism. When levels are too high, the glycyrrhizin inhibits the action, when too low, it potentiates it. Licorice root has antioxidant and phytoestrogenic properties which are believed to make it one of those hot flashes herbal remedies that can actively provide relief from the discomfort caused by hot flashes.



White Willow

White willow bark contains tannin and salicin. Salicin is the active ingredient that the body converts to salicylic acid, of which the function is to lower the levels of hormone like compounds such as prostaglandins which can cause pain and inflammation. It is known for its blood thinning properties; also as another of those home remedies for hot flashes and night sweats which actually work.

Take 1 tablet with water or mix 1 teaspoon of white willow tincture in water at bedtime.



White Peony

When looking for hot flashes remedies, natural solutions are the choice of many. Prepare a mixture of 20 grams of white peony root with 750 ml of water. Sip throughout the day to combat hot flashes.

white peony


Another of those natural cures for hot flashes and night sweats that can bring welcome relief, as well as lessen the frequency of hot flashes.


Get the most from this hot flashes remedy by diligently taking the remedy for 3 months. Taking 10-15 drops in water just before bed ensures a deeper sleep. For hot flashes take 5-25 drops of the tincture in water daily.

Essential Oils

Peppermint oil is one of those hot flashes treatment home remedies quite popular all round particularly because of its cooling effect on the body. To take care of those hot flashes and night sweats for good, just dab some on the back of your neck or on your temples at bedtime. Some even apply it to the soles of their feet. I actually read about a woman who also put some on the inside of her arms where it bends and stopped doing it since she got freezing cold form the peppermint oil (quite a testimony hey?)!

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Clary sage is new to me; there seems to be a lot of support for this hot flashes remedy nonetheless. One neat application is to mix 15 drops of clary sage with 4 ml carrier oil in a roll-on bottle. At bedtime, just roll down the soles of your feet and lightly massage into your feet for a good night’s sleep without hot flashes and night sweats!

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Dong Quai

 In combination with herbs such as black cohosh, chasteberry, and Siberian ginseng, dong quai appears to be useful for controlling hot flashes and reducing vaginal dryness. The herb’s phytoestrogens may help by compensating for menopause-related drops in natural estrogen levels. However, in recent studies involving postmenopausal women, dong quai proved to be no more effective than a placebo in relieving such common menopausal symptoms as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. In one study, the herb and the placebo both reduced the frequency of hot flashes by 25% to 30%. This type of disappointing result may simply highlight the importance of taking dong quai in combination with other herbs.”



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hot flashes remedy

There you have it! Let us know which of these remedies worked for you; alternatively, tell us about your best hot flashes remedy not listed here…just leave your comment below…

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