How To Ask Your Partner About STI and STD Testing

How To Ask Your Partner About STI and STD Testing

by Randy Gleick

How To Ask Your Partner About STI and STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases are prevalent among people belonging to different age groups, and they affect both men and women. There are different types of STDs, and their causes differ as well as the symptoms.

Some of the common types of sexually transmitted infections include Chlamydia, Syphilis, as well as gonorrhea and these are all caused by bacteria. Other kinds of STIs include trichomonmiasis that is caused by parasite as well as genital warts and genital herpes which are caused by a virus.

The main issue concerning the aspect of STDs is that the symptoms are not easily detected using a naked eye and in some cases, you would not feel them. Some of the symptoms of STIs include irritation and itching of genital parts during urination or sexual intercourse, pain in the abdomen as well as discharge from the genital organs particularly women with Chlamydia.

While many people are scared of the idea of being infected by an STI, they should also realize that this is a universal healthcare condition. Various myths exist about STDs, but these can be contracted even without indulging in unprotected sex. For instance, you can get infected through physical contact or use of sharp objects like needles and razors that have been used by an infected person. Therefore, getting tested for STI is right for you and your partner.

How you can ask your partner about STI and STD testing

When talking about the issue of STI testing to your partner, you need to be honest and truthful about the significance of knowing your status. Indeed, STIs are viewed with disdain in different sections of the society, and this leads to stigmatization of the disease just like HIV in some cases.

To avoid such an unfortunate scenario where your partner may be scared of the unknown to go for STI testing, there are different measures you need to consider. It is essential to convince your partner about the benefits of getting tested for STD. For example, when you know that you are free from any infection, this will help you and your partner to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle by preventing reckless behavior.

The majority of STDs cases are usually transmitted from one person to the other through activities such as unprotected sexual intercourse. This scenario can also include having sex with multiple partners, but if you know that you are safe, you will not risk your health and that of your partner. Getting tested is good for the two of you since you will try to avoid any form of STD infection.

The other important issue that you should tell your partner is that all STDs are curable and they are different from HIV. Early treatment is an added advantage when the infection is detected before it spreads to other parts of the body. It can be quickly eliminated, and its recurrence can be prevented as well.

You must not focus on the negative aspects about STI since this is a common condition that can affect any person. You should, however, emphasize the point that all forms of STIs can also be prevented from recurring again.


The significance of timing when discussing the issue of STI testing

You should also ensure that your schedule is appropriate for raising the question of STI testing to your partner.  You need to maintain your composure and convince your partner that you are raising the issue out of love for a healthy sexual lifestyle. Both partners should treat STD testing as routine since it is meant to ensure that they enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

When you talk to your partner about getting tested, try to avoid blame game where you suspect that your partner is cheating on you. In some instances, one of you can decide to go for testing then tests positive and this can be a source of conflict. Therefore, when you are discussing this sensitive issue, make sure that you are in a relaxed environment and there is no tension between the two of you.

What Type of Test to Expect?

The other thing that you should highlight to your partner before you go for STD testing is that different tests are offered. Your health care provider will tell you the specific test that you should you should undertake with your partner. Since there are different types of STIs, their tests also differ.

While the STI tests might be different, the primary thing about them is that they are quick and straightforward. Many tests are conducted using urine samples, and this is probably the easiest and pain-free test. Depending on the type of STI to be tested, a blood sample may be required, but this usually involves just a few drops.

Physical testing can also be performed where your health care provider closely inspects different parts of your body particularly the genital organs. Samples can also be taken for further examination using a microscope. To allay fears in your partner, you must try to convince him or her that STI testing is a once-off event.



A high degree of privacy is maintained when STD testing is being conducted. Other STD tests may also include free HIV testing which is also an added advantage to the maintenance of the quality of your health in the long run.

If you decide to be tested together with your partner, the only third person around will be the healthcare provider.  Apart from conducting the tests, the healthcare professional also offers counseling services so that you understand the essence of the test.

The other aspect that you should share with your partner is that there are also other STI tests that can be performed at home. There is no fear of going through the testing process in a different environment that you may not be comfortable with. STI testing at home can be done using a swab that you insert into the vagina, and it is appropriate if you want to test Chlamydia.

When you can perform self STI tests at home, this means that you and your partner are guaranteed a safe sexual lifestyle. You should carry out tests regularly so that you are on the safe side. When you test positive, you do not need to distress. The condition can be cured using natural home remedies.

While STIs constitute common health conditions that are prevalent among many people, it is important for different people to know their status. You can only come to know your situation when you go for an STD test. STI testing is essential since it helps you and your partner to live healthy lifestyles while at the same time avoiding the promiscuous behavior.

If you want to convince your partner to go for STI testing, you need to focus on the positive aspects that you will gain from the exercise. There are quite a lot of myths associated with STDs, but some of them are not true. You only get to understand different impacts of STIs when you know your status. This also helps you to take corrective measures in treating the STI if you are infected. More importantly, STDs can be prevented, so it is your responsibility to play your part.


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