by Joyce Baker That’s a normal thing when you have hair on buttcrack. But your buttcrack hair might be much more than other people have. There is too much trouble when you play sports or when the weather’s hot. This makes you feel annoyed and embarrassed?  Shaving your buttcrack hairContinue Reading


We aim to make this a spot on the world wide web where our visitors feel right at home and where we all learn more about our infirmities and how our choices can alleviate and resolve them. Please drop us a line to indicate what sort of content you wouldContinue Reading

Price: $9.95/unit [wp_cart_button name=”Non-Stick Reusable BBQ Grill Mat” price=”9.95″] [show_wp_shopping_cart] Features: Material: Teflon Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat Size: 40 x 30cm Color: Black Package: 1 piece Shipping & Handling PLEASE NOTE: All purchases are secured through Paypal; we do not collect any information except email address so we can confirm yourContinue Reading

Anti-Slip Rubber Sole Yoga Socks Price: $19.95/pair [wp_cart_button name=”Non-Slip Open Toes Rubber Sole Yoga Socks for Women” price=”19.95″ var1=”Color|Nude|Black”] [show_wp_shopping_cart] Features: Made from natural cotton and anti-slip silica gel Integrated and half-toe design which is breathable, soft and comfortable  Keep your toes flexibly, can spread along the floor freely HighContinue Reading

Sexy High Waist Leggings for Women   Price: $29.95/unit [wp_cart_button name=”Sexy High Waist Leggings for Women” price=”29.95″ var1=”Sizes|Small|Medium|Large|XLarge” var2=”Color|White|Black”] [show_wp_shopping_cart] Features: Material: Made from Spandex and Polyester Waist Type: High Length: Ankle-length Pattern: Geometric Colors: Black, White Sizes: S, M, L, XL – please check table for more on sizesContinue Reading