Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

by Shashi Das

Root Canal Treatment


6 Significant Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

The very utterance of the word “root canal treatment” can make most patients apprehensive. But if you have tooth decay and have a toothache, then root canal treatment happens to be one of the most preferred treatment methods by the dentists.

Bacterial activity can actually lead to tooth decay. The tooth’s white enamel surface and dentin are often worn out by a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp is usually made of the blood vessels and living connective tissues and it also consists of intricate nerve networks. When the tissue gets inflamed and the nerves become infected, pain is felt by the individuals.

Apart from the decayed tooth, a variety of other tooth defects like the faulty dental devices and fillings, injury or dental trauma and random fissures on the inner surface of the teeth can also lead to pulp infections and inflammation.

Thankfully, nowadays there are a plethora of medical treatments that can be relied upon and the root canal treatment happens to be one of those procedures that are recommended by most of the reputed dentists when you develop teeth related injuries or tooth decay.

The modern root canal treatment plays a pivotal role in helping over a million people with their oral problems. Endodontists from all over the world can treat the inside of the tooth when the pulp gets inflamed or infected.

Here some of the major perks of the root canal treatment and why dentists prefer it over other treatments these days.

  • Root Canal Can Relieve Your Toothache – It is quite painful to suffer from an infected tooth pulp. This condition can give rise to the following –
  • A foul taste or smell around the tooth that is affected
  • Intermittent to chronic and mild to a severe toothache
  • Tenderness
  • Fever
  • Trouble in opening the mouth or chewing
  • Swelling in the jaw tissue and the surrounding gums

By rectifying this condition, you will be able to regain your peace of mind and comfort.

  • Virtually Pain-free Procedure – Root canal treatment often offers you less discomfort during recovery and happens to be virtually painless. Thanks to the effective anesthesia and modern techniques for patients who opt for root canal treatment is about six times more likely to describe it as painless as compared to tooth extraction.
  • Root Canal Is a Simple Procedure – Most people think that root canal therapy is an invasive, complex and difficult to get through the procedure. Nevertheless, this is not the case. The experience of the root canal system is similar to that of placing a filling. Any reputed dentist will start by providing an anesthesia and helping you to relax and be comfortable. Then she will cut a small hole in the tooth to get an access of the pulp and remove it. After that, the teeth have to be cleaned and the small hole is sealed, and a dental crown is placed over it for its protection.
  • Root Treatment is Cost-effective and Efficient – You will find that most of the dental insurances cover the endodontic treatments. The tooth extraction treatment can take a bit longer as it involves a lot of follow-up appointments that are required for a bridge, implant or denture. Again, the cost may also be higher for that.
  • The Appearance of the Tooth Can be Improved – Fracture, decay or infection can give rise to aesthetic issues with your tooth as a result of which it may appear darker or can crack. At the time of the treatment, the hole that is created will be sealed with a durable tooth-colored bonding. This will provide a natural appearance to your teeth. A customized crown is made to beautify or fortify the rest of the tooth. As a result of that, the restoration will allow the tooth to look and function just like a natural tooth or even better at times.
  • Your Overall Health Gets Enhanced – Living with an infected tooth can be injurious to your oral and overall health. Bacteria can also penetrate into the surrounding teeth and the gums without the treatment and this can even spread throughout the system. Undergoing the root canal therapy is a great way to protect your smile and also your overall health.

It can be said that though endodontic treatments are not always successful, a vast majority of them are. The above some of the major benefits that root canal treatment has to offer. People who had root canal therapy can expect the treated teeth to serve them for almost a lifetime provided good oral care and a strict hygiene regimen are followed and regular appointments with a reputed dentist are attended. This way any problem lurking in your mouth can be detected early and treated at the initial stage so that you don’t have to face any complicated oral issue later on.


Author Bio – Shashi Das is an experienced digital marketing expert who has been working closely with the oral care industry for many years now. Being an avid blogger, he has always strived to provide vital and authentic information about his area of expertise as well as the dental care domain among many other subjects that have captured his attention, so that the readers can gather relevant knowledge from them and take an informed decision when the need arises.

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