Why is CBD good for skin?

CBD for skin

CBD for skin

CBD is now more popular than weed, and it’s no surprise considering the potential health benefits, and the fact that you can use it without getting high – I mean, it doesn’t even show up in drug tests!

So as the CBD market continues to broaden, we now have more uses for cannabidiol than just treating arthritic joints or managing acute anxiety.

CBD is now widely used in skincare both for maintaining healthy skin and for treating a number of different skin conditions.

Why is CBD good for the skin?

First of all, cannabidiol is a natural compound extracted from one of the oldest-used plants in the world, hemp. This doesn’t automatically make it the safest compound, but it does give us a long history of use with hardly any risks.

Secondly, cannabidiol penetrates deep under the skin to deliver nourishing properties in a way that leaves lasting results, and this is a far more effective way of treating the skin than many of the products in the market.

So let’s look deeper into what makes CBD oil an excellent skin regimen

  • CBD is a natural antioxidant

When we consider that one of the main reasons people have bad skin has to do with exposure and toxicity, then it becomes even more important to use an antioxidant to fight things like free radicals, which apart from causing disease and cell mutations, they make it difficult to have smooth skin.

  • CBD oil locks in moisture to the skin surface

Any dermatologist will tell you that dryness is the quickest way to get wrinkles and spots on the skin. Without moisture, there really is no way to keep the skin soft and supple; or protect it from the damage caused by exposure. If neglected for long, the result is usually premature aging.

CBD can help by providing moisture especially for people with chronically dry skin, who above all else, need natural ointments to maintain healthy skin.

  • CBD for wrinkles and aging lines

By keeping the sky n flexible and soft, you can reduce most of the lines and wrinkles that cause the skin to lose luster. In addition, CBD can prevent sagging around the eyes and mouth; or at least delay it by some years.

  • CBD can reduce the chances of getting acne

We should point out how important this is for anybody who’s ever struggled with acne. Many of the cosmetic products used on acne are hit-and-miss, but that’s not the case with CBD. Cannabidiol’s antioxidant effect makes it harder for acne to develop by delivering its antibacterial property to the sebum glands. Without any infection in the glands, oil production remains normal, and conditions such as acne are easily prevented.

  • Combine CBD with other skin-friendly ingredients

The other thing about CBD is that you can use it as part of your regular skincare routine, and combine it with other essential skin-care products like aloe vera, rosemary oil, coconut oil, and sage.

But in order for the CBD to have the proper effect, it must be used regularly and in such a way that it gets under the skin, where the nutrients are needed for the formation of new skin cells.

  • CBD reduces the chances of getting skin cancers

We mentioned that CBD gets rid of free radicals, and that is such an important aspect of skincare. When the damaging elements are removed from the body, it becomes easier for the skin to replenish itself and actually maintain some level of smoothness and health.

  • Maintaining pH with CBD

If you notice your skin developing all sorts of opportunistic problems like dryness and infection, it might be that some disruption has occurred to the skin’s natural pH levels. Do your best to hydrate and use cannabidiol on the skin surface to create better conditions for chemical balance.

  • Prevent irritation with CBD

How often does your skin flare up from using seemingly normal products such as soaps and even jewelry, or from going outside when the sun is out? If this happens often, then it may be that you have extra sensitive skin and this calls for a unique skincare routine that involves a soothing compound such as cannabidiol. Use it along with other healing extracts and it will reduce sensitivity to a large extent while maintaining the best possible complexion and texture.

In conclusion

To get the best from hemp oil, make sure to wash thoroughly before applying the oil, so as to remove dirt and sweat. Also, consider using CBD oil in your bath water, or taking CBD supplements in addition to using the oil.