Teeth Whitening Sensitivity Causes and How to Avoid It

Teeth Whitening Sensitivity Causes and How to Avoid It

by Praveen Singh

Teeth Whitening Sensitivity Causes and How to Avoid It

Like us, our teeth too do age as well. In the process, they lose their pearly white luster and start appearing faded. They may also look stained or discolored or yellowish at any age due to bad habits and bad food choices. Thank god we have teeth whitening procedure to remove stains or dark colors around our teeth and restore their natural luster and dazzle easily.

However, a lot of myths surround teeth whitening procedures which we tend to believe and hesitate in benefiting from it. However, it’s right that some people feel pain or discomfort while whitening their teeth after getting the treatment done. This problem is teeth whitening sensitivity and it comes with some pain.

However, teeth whitening sensitivity is not harmful as neither does it last for long nor cause any permanent damage to your teeth. Some little pain apart, this type of sensitivity is not bad for your teeth and you can thus benefit from the whitening procedure without any worries.


Teeth Whitening Sensitivity Causes

It’s always helpful to know about teeth whitening sensitivity to prepare yourself better for the pain and discomfort it accompanies. Such a sensitivity is not going to stay for long but if it does, you have no option but to consult a dentist and get the treatment –


  • Most products for whitening contain hydrogen peroxide as an agent for the effect


  • Sensitivity will be more among people whose teeth are sensitive to peroxide


  • Sensitive teeth even start to feel tingling during the treatment itself


  • The problem may also make drinking or eating hot or cold products deliver some mild pain


  • Chipped or fractured teeth may also be prone to teeth sensitivity


  • Cavities are also a reason behind sensitive teeth


  • The good thing about teeth sensitivity is that it will go away in a few days


How to Avoid Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

Teeth whitening becomes a necessity when you have stains or dark colors around your teeth. Before undergoing the procedure, you should know that it will cause some pain and no permanent harm. You should also know about the factors behind such teeth sensitivity to prepare yourself better.


  • It’s important to choose only whitening products fit for your teeth


  • Get your dentist to prescribe a quality over-the-counter product which does not pose sensitivity problem to you


  • You should know that even the mildest product can cause some sensitivity as some people have that kind of teeth


  • After whitening, it’s advisable to drink or eat something that is on par with your room temperature


  • If possible, you should stay away from either extremely hot or cold foods or drink to minimize the pain


  • People with teeth sensitivity to whitening are supposed to use only products with lower peroxide levels


  • Using a product whose peroxide strength is between 5 to 6 % is recommended to those with sensitivity to whitening


  • It’s also a good idea to use a product with shorter application time say for 5 minutes per session to limit the risk of sensitivity


  • A product with less concentrated formula as what is used across dental offices will help a lot


  • It’s better to consult a dentist before buying a whitening product so that the results are on the expected lines


  • You should not look for whitening beyond naturalness else there will be chances of using a product with a highly concentrated formula



  • Talking to the dentist always helps when you use a product and feel painful sensitivity


  • And yes, stop using the product immediately if it causes sensitivity go and get dental advice


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