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The question is hard to answer because there are always the two sides of a coin. There are lovers of both sides and they will talk about the upside of their side but will be shy to talk of the true disadvantage of either side. The truth is that the culture and religious beliefs have no place in determining what we eat. Each of the two sides has its inadequacies, and we should not be blinded by some belief. The human nature has a tendency of giving into habit, comfort and stubbornness to information and change, and this is what continues to haunt us and thus the great rivalry between the two sides of dieting. The two sides bring about lifestyle and fitness that if wrong, leads to death risks.  The cause of diseases is either overeating or inadequate consumption of some foods. This does not mean that a certain mode of dieting leads to certain death risks though.


A vegetarian diet has lower cholesterol, saturated fats and animal proteins. They are higher in folate and fiber. A vegetarian diet reduces the risks of suffering from heart conditions, some cancers, and issues of gaining weight, diabetes and blood pressure. However, despite the fact that vegetarian diet is healthy, not all people maintain the good eating habits. Some of the junk foods like high-fat cheese and fries do not contain meat or any animal protein. They, however, contain a lot of fats that will cause even greater health risks. Some people that are vegetarian take these junk foods and end up taking in high-fat and sugar contents. The kind of lifestyle and fitness that one chooses to keep influences the kind of food that one takes.

Vegetarian diets are known to have poor mineral contents. The animal proteins contain some of these minerals in large quantities. Examples include iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12. These minerals are not in large quantities in plant proteins and other vegan-friendly diets. This calls for the need for vegetarians to make sure they find suitable substitute sources for these minerals. Certain classes of vegan foods do have these minerals.  It is advisable to take these foods in large quantities because the minerals are present in small quantities. This brings about the issue of a balanced diet. To have these minerals from vegan foods you have to eat a certain class of food in large quantities. These minerals are important for the body. Pregnant mothers, athletes and young children will need these minerals in large quantities. Most of the time vegetarians do not eat the required quantities and will need to find other sources from food supplements. Vegans, therefore, need to be very cautious about their food planning so as to meet the body requirements. Other issues like excess substitutes and stress may cause a great diet problem for most vegetarians. Vegetarians are also believed to keep off bad habits like smoking and drinking, and this helps them to enjoy a good form of health. These could increase chances of issues with skincare science.

skincare science


This group is not discriminative and takes foods from animal products to vegetables. Mostly they are not affected by inadequate eating but rather excess consumption of some foods. This group of people is believed to be at a high risk of suffering from various conditions. Research has showed that they have a shorter life span when compared to vegetarians. Meat, for example, is the main food that causes many issues. Red meat is known to have a direct link with issues like obesity, some cancers, heart conditions and kidney/liver problems. White meat, on the other hand, is safe and generally does not increase the risk of getting diseases. Some common sources of white meat include poultry, rabbit meat and sea foods. However, frying the white meat in hydrogenated oil makes it as risky as any other kind of meat. The fatty acids in the hydrogenated fats pose great health risks. When white meats are just boiled or cooked with its fat, the risks are minimalized. Because people want to eat something that is tasty, they will fry the meat, and this is exactly how an issue associated with health care is created. Many non-vegetarians have a tendency to not eat much fruits and vegetables; aggravating the state of their health condition in general as they put themselves at risk of suffering from a deficiency of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Even worse, many non-vegetarians pursue a lifestyle of drinking and smoking. The diet does not affect this lifestyle but could be the contributing factor to their shortened life span.


It is now clear that all these diets have their down sides and up sides. It is therefore not clear which of the two kinds of diet is more nutritious than the other. Both of these two diet ways have to be planned well for effective skincare science. However, one thing that is clear is that there are rules that will apply to either side. A proper diet coupled with some exercising is the only way to keep a healthy body.

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