Genital Issues And The Benefit Of Telehealth Solutions

by James Crook

Genital Issues And The Benefit Of Telehealth Solutions

The world is becoming more of a wired space. From online shopping to online banking, just about all that we need is available out there at the click of a mere button. The same holds true for healthcare issues of a highly sensitive nature as well.

It is now possible for telehealth patients to be able to interact with healthcare providers regardless of physical proximity, geographical location or even the lack of transport. Moreover, there’s no need to match an individual’s personal timetable or schedule.

Patients now can call upon medical health experts not when they are available for a consultation at their respective clinics, but when they need their help the most and moreover, they can do all this even without leaving the secure confines of their own homes. But to be really competitive, the various telehealth service providers out there, have to effectively ensure that they have their patients’ full and complete confidence. Unless this is achieved, not just individual service providers but the sector itself can never progress beyond a certain point in time.

There are certain issues that are necessary for just about any telehealth specialist concern to survive and thrive in a highly competitive environment.

o   The removal of all trust issues

Perhaps one of the best possible uses of telehealth practices would be in treating issues of a pronouncedly sensitive and private nature. Especially when it comes to genital issues amongst men. There are extremely few men in this world who would allow strangers to poke and peer at their private parts. Furthermore, they will almost certainly balk at discussing such issues up close and in person.

This holds particularly true for survivors of child sexual abuse. Such boys will be hesitant in asking for an appointment with their local and known family doctor but will be far more comfortable discussing the same with a stranger on the other end of the line (so to speak).

o   Unrestricted access to specialist consultants

This is another reason many men prefer a reliable telemedicine platform over their offline counterparts. Not only can they access some more well-known service providers in terms of genital issues amongst men in general. But at the same time, they can also do so without feeling embarrassed. This is the part where many specialist consultants can come into the picture.

Certain telehealth service providers can also schedule appointments and even house calls without ever leaving their clinics or even asking the patients to come on over. This way the treatment for any genital or sexual related issues can easily be conducted both safely and discreetly, to the complete satisfaction of the individual concerned. This is because many, if not most symptoms of genital illnesses, i.e. genital warts, in men are typically visual in nature and as such, can be easily diagnosed online.

Similarly, there are hosts of other illnesses and diseases regarding genital and reproductive health amongst men that can potentially be treated via online consultations. Patients can also consult licensed nutritionists and physical trainers to come up with a fitness plan that will help them lose those final pounds.

o   Improving patient satisfaction overall

There are several telehealth service providers that offer greater patient satisfaction than even real-world visits, especially in cases where privacy and discretion are desired objectives. As a matter of fact, many patients have also reported feeling that they have actually gotten far more attention during a ‘virtual visit’ than they might have done so, had they gone to a traditional clinic.

o   Humanizing influence

While digitizing health care, the doctors dealing with sensitive issues know that their patients are not comfortable showing and disclosing their most well-kept secrets. It is this ‘humanizing’ aspect of telehealth that ensures that the men who use such services are not made to feel like ‘objects’ and pieces of meat that are to be touched and prodded. They can talk to their heart’s content while simultaneously retaining both their dignity and privacy. In the long run, this is the real reason behind the success of the telehealth sector today.

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